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Great shout out! Click on the picture for a link to the transcript:
"And for the piece de resistance… we give you the best fashion blogs in cyberspace ! Visit for the latest trends in the industry and where to get them, for the best of shoes, and our favorite -, the adventures of an urban socialite who brings you the truth in the form of fashion!"

From delight's BLOG REVIEW of Urban Socialite:

Urbansocialite"Some blogs are, well, just smarter than others. Jazzed up with photos, cartoony artwork, and plenty of color, Urban Socialite is a riot. Though edging out fashion as more of a lifestyle blog, there is plenty to learn here. With so many obsessive shopping sites out there, we find it compelling that the so-called Urban Socialite goes deeper. Blogger B, a Brown graduate from Cape Cod with aspirations of being a student for life, describes the Urban Socialite not as Paris Hilton, but rather as someone “driven more by their Inner Bling than the ridiculous Swarovski Crystal craze.” In this day and age, to find a clever journal of someone who not only reads but describes her subway commute novel of choice and then provides the DIY for a cute book cover to prevent dog eardom is pretty darn….savvy."

"As a man who only recently starting wearing dark-wash jeans, I’m comfortable with the fact that I have no fashion sense. Such judgments are better left to blogs like Urban Socialite, which purports to cover eclectic but actually wearable urban-

style clothing and accessories (such as the unique items from Anti-Factory above). Due to the UrbSoc’s law-school intracurricilar work, the site’s not updated too frequently, but the posts seem genuine — as opposed to the litany of regurgitated press releases such blogs often become."

"You know, it's the innominate way of being able to admit my total terminal unhipness...virtually...but, feel no need to ever have to concede that, 'If I can't find anything nice to wear, I'm just not going!'"

"Not with blogers like The Adventures Of An Urban Socialite around -- who I can visit with anytime of the day (even in my pajamas) and share in some blog gossip, while she introduces me to her Designer a la moment and graciously helps me discover my "inner-bling!""

"Now, that's what I call shopping in well as comfort...perhaps there's hope for me, yet?"